ShareData™ is the brand name for the research database on JSE listed shares maintained by ProfileData.

ShareData™ aims to provide data clients with a single source of comprehensive listed company information. The Profile research team strives to capture all pieces of relevant information for every listed company ranging from address details to comprehensive financial data.

All JSE listed companies are covered. Time-series data for all listed securities is available where applicable.

ShareData™ is a fully relational database facilitating queries and data comparisons.

To see a web version of ShareData, visit ShareData Online at


Standard delivery of the ShareData™ database is in Sequel format. Fundamental data is usually updated once a day after market close; news and price data can be delivered intra-day as required.

The ShareData™ datafeed is often customised to suit particular client requirements, and Profile's IT team is able to meet most technical requirements. All or part of ShareData™ is currently delivered to different clients in Access (mdb) format, XML, Oracle, CSV (delimited) format, and in many cases as fully articulated HTML pages suitable for use as includes.

Scope of Fundamental Data

The main areas of fundamental content include:

General non-financial information

  • Physical and postal addresses; telephone, fax, e-mail and internet addresses; statutory information such as company secretary, transfer secretary, auditors, banks and sponsors
  • JSECode, registration number; relevant dates, such as founding date and registration date; number of employees.
  • Brand names and a description of the nature of business, among others.

Directors (executive and non-executive)

  • Initial, first names, lastname and designation; additional information such as committee memberships, remuneration, qualifications, nationality and general CV.
  • Also included are director dealings and a director history.
  • Director dealings can be searched and added by company or individual.


  • Major shareholders (with more than 5% shareholding) as at a specific date
  • Shareholdings sourced from listed companies, requested to provide aggregated data on ultimate beneficial holdings
  • Controlling shareholder as reported by company.


  • Listed holdings (with percentage holding).

Contribution by activity (where applicable and available)

  • Captured as percent of available financial line item (eg, % revenue/turnover, % operating profit, etc)
  • Multiple categories available for large diversified groups

Capital structure

  • Whereas all the information for each company relates to the latest reporting period, capital structure is shown at last practicable date. Our figures are sourced directly from the JSE and show the latest authorised and issued capital as reported by them.


  • Distributions include cash dividend, and the cash equivalent of capitalisation dividend
  • In the case of property and investment companies, debenture interest paid is included
  • LDTs/LDRs, dates payable, etc, included

Company news

  • SENS, the original article is saved and archived, and a well written summary compiled by our research department is added to the database
  • Media articles are summarised and referenced
  • Official announcements and press releases are available as received directly from the listed companies

Financial statistics

  • All results released by listed companies are captured, including proforma, restated, estimated, un-audited, in addition to the standard finals, interims and quarterlies
  • Financials are captured in accordance to the different financial models
  • Income statement items include turnover, interest paid, interest received, cost of sales, gross profit, operating expenses, EBIDTA, depreciation, operating income, non-trading income, investment income, profit before exceptional items, amortisation, exceptional items, taxation, income from associated before tax, minority interest, preference dividends, extraordinary profit, attributable income, transfer to/from NDR, transfer to other reserves, distributions, retained income brought forward, adjustments, headline earnings, depreciation, admin and collection fees, net rental/investment income, dividend income, surplus on disposal of assets, debenture interest, interest payable
  • Balance sheet items include ordinary share capital and premium, treasury shares, distributable reserves, non-distributable reserves, translation reserves, other capital, ordinary shareholders’ interest, preference shareholders, debentures, minority interest, total shareholders interest, near equities, non-interest bearing loans, interest bearing loans, bonds, other long-term liabilities, deferred tax liability, fixed assets, investments in associates, investments and loans, goodwill, intangible assets, deferred tax assets, other assets, debtors, stock, cash, other current assets, property, cash and short term funds, creditors and provisions, dividends, tax, bank overdraft/short term loans, employment of capital balance, receiver of revenue, creditors
  • Per share statistics include earnings per share (ZAR), headline earnings per share (ZAR), distributions per share (ZAR), net asset value per share (ZAR), net asset value per share (directors valuation), 3-year beta, cash generated per share, earnings per share (base currency), headline earnings per share (base currency), net asset value per share (base currency), distributions per share (base currency), JSE market high (ZAR), JSE market low (ZAR), number of months, JSE market price at period end (ZAR), JSE volume traded (actual), JSE rand value traded
  • Cash flow: net cash flow from operating activities, net cash flow from investing activities, net cash flow from financing activities
  • Sundry items: exchange rate, number of shares in issue, treasury shares, weighted average shares in issue, market capitalisation, number of months
  • Calculated ratios include: return on capital employed, return on shareholders funds, return on total assets, operating profit margin, net profit margin, debt equity, interest cover, quick ratio, current ratio, dividend cover, debtors collection period, stock turn, price:earnings, NAV%price, profitability%, solvency%, operating return on investments, operating income – turnover, admin and collection fees – turnover, return on stockholders funds, interest bearing debt – total assets, liquidity%, cash flow – attributable income.

Consensus forecast data

  • Profile also maintains a database containing consensus forecast information on researched listed companies provided by a range of top SA broking firms
  • EPS and DPS forecasts for three years foreword
  • Standard feed includes prior actual for comparative purposes
  • Standard deviation, range of forecasts (ie, high/low), and number of contributors all included.

Full annual reports

  • Comprehensive library of annual reports and related documents available in PDF format.

Additional Data and Services

Profile is an authorised JSE Vendor and provides FTSE/JSE index data (EoD and intra-day), share price data, and live SENS feeds, all seamlessly integrated into the ShareData™ database.

Profile also supplies other time-series data, including forex rates, major world indices, bond exchange data and commodity prices.

A wide range of useful procedures and tools are available for querying, extracting and displaying data in user-friendly ways. These include charting applets, various pre-packaged charts, ranking tools, and procedures for interactive financials.

ShareData™ can also be cross-linked to the portfolio holdings of unit trusts held in Profile's FundsData™ database (click here for more information).

Pricing and Usage

ShareData™ is a wholesale data service aimed at closed user groups (CUGs). Pricing is dependent on the size of the CUG, the number of data modules included in the package, and the delivery mechanism.

For enquiries and further pricing information, please call +27-11-728-5510 or email

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