Investor Relations (IR) Data Services
ProfileData offers a range of web-based investor relations data services designed to enhance listed company websites. These include end-of-day prices (updated daily), live prices (updated continually, 15 mins delayed), news and SENS feeds, email alert services, and interactive charting options.

A Pro-Active Service

ProfileData's research department monitors listed company activity on a real-time basis. This enables us to be pro-active rather than reactive – ie, we nag our clients if they have forgotten to update their website rather than the other way around.


Although built on proven designs and delivery methods, ProfileData's IT team can customise the IR data services to meet each client's technical and design requirements.


Standard Data Services

1. End-of-day (EoD) price, trading stats and graph

  • Price averages and periodic growth/changes
  • Volume averages
  • Historical P/E, DY and EY
  • Historical price chart (eg, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years)
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2. Intra-day price, trading stats and graph

  • 15 minute delay (as per JSE Limited rules)
  • Best bid and offer
  • Last ten trades
  • Intra-day chart
  • Refreshed every five minutes
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3. Scrolling ticker

  • Long and short options available
  • Best bid and offer
  • Value and percentage change
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4. News Summary service

  • News summaries with archive links
  • Results summaries
  • Media comment with hyperlinks (where available)
  • Press release service
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5. Director dealings

  • Variable periods, panning, zoom, trendlines
  • Comprehensive set of benchmarks and comparatives
  • Indicators and technical studies
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6. Email Alert Services

  • User registration
  • Daily closing prices by email
  • Threshold alerts (price level or percentage move)
  • News summary service by email
  • Other corporate actions (dividends, etc)
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7. SmartChart™ Interactive Charting

  • Variable periods, panning, zoom, trendlines
  • Comprehensive set of benchmarks and comparatives 
    Indicators and technical studies
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8. Market Performance page

  • Summary of key market information covering the last financial year or user selected periods
  • Data includes market cap at period end, volume weighted average share price, value and volume traded for the period, average P/E for period, and much more
  • Defaults to last financial year and accepts user-defined dates.
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9. Market indicators

A wide range of EoD and intra-day data is available, such as:

  • R153

  • DJIA 
  • Nasdaq 
  • Gold price (USD) 
  • ZAR/USD 
  • ZAR/EUR 
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10. Consensus Forecasts

The majority of consensus forecasts are supplied by leading stockbrokers in South Africa.

  • Forward Price Projections:
    We calculate a forward price vector based on the best and worst earnings estimates for the company, using either the historical P/E of the share or the sector.

  • Historical P/E Range:
    The Historical P/E Range chart shows the P/E stability for each share over five years based on year-end data.
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11. Valuation Data

The Valuation Data provides additional stats and charts which can help in evaluating shares. These include (where available):

  • Ratios and Statistics

  • MSCIBarra Beta:
  • Volatility
  • Risk/Return Profile
  • PEG Inverse Graph
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12. Home page exposure

  • Price graphs, ticker and selected stats, news summary service, media comment and director dealings
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13. Share price calculator

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